The Top 10 Things to Avoid Feeding Your Pet, Plus Holiday & Cold Weather Hazards

The Top 10 Things to Avoid Feeding to Your Pet
* Alcohol
* Avocado
* Chocolate (all forms of chocolate)
* Coffee (all forms of coffee)
* Fatty foods
* Yeast
* Moldy or spoiled foods
* Onions, onion powder
* Raisins and grapes
* Salt

Common Household Hazards
* Blue-green algae in ponds
* Citronella candles
* Cocoa mulch
* Compost piles
* Fertilizers

Toxic Plants
There are a large number number of toxic plants. The most common signs of a plant poison are vomiting and diarrhea ( gastrointestinal signs). These can affect other organs, resulting in liver or kidney damage, depending on the plant. The following is a good list to start with.

Holiday Plants
* Amaryllis spp.
* Celastrus spp. “Bittersweet”
* Chrysanthemum spp.
* Colchicum autumnale “Autumn Crocus”
* Euonymus japonicus “Japanese Euonymus”
* Euphorbia milii “Crown of Thorns”
* E. pulcherrima “Poinsettia”
* Helleborus niger “Christmas Rose”
* Ilex spp. “Holly”
* Phoradendron spp. “American Mistletoe”
* Solanum pseudocapsicum “Jerusalem Cherry”

Common House Plants
* Alocasia spp. “Caladiums”
* Azalea spp. “Weeping Fig” “Creeping Fig” “Mistletoe Fig” “Rubber Plant”
* Dieffenbachia spp. “Dumb Cane”
* Hydrangea spp.
* Hedera helix spp. (many indoor ivies)
* Ligustrum spp. “Japonicum’texanum’”
* Narcissus spp. “Paperwhites” and other winter forced bulbs
* Nicotiana spp. “Ornamental Tobacco”
* Philodendron spp.
* Rhododendron Ficus spp. “Weeping Fig” “Creeping Fig” “Mistletoe Fig” “Rubber Plant”

Cold Weather Hazards
Antifreeze: If you think your pet has consumed antifreeze, contact your veterinarian right away.

Liquid potpourris: Exposure to some types of liquid potpourris can result in severe oral, dermal and ocular damage.

Ice melting products can be irritating to skin and mouth.

I am of the firm belief that it is better to prevent than have to treat. But the only way to know how to prevent toxic emergencies is by being aware and educated about exactly what they are.


Article by Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM, a veterinarian and author of Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

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